About the Journal

International Journal of Economics, Science, and Education (IJESE) is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed open access academic journal dedicated to publishing high-quality scientific papers in all disciplines, one of which includes social sciences, educational economics and other fields of knowledge. The aim of this Journal is to provide a leading forum for enhancing communication between researchers and policy makers about the latest science developments. This journal includes discussions of contemporary theoretical, empirical and comparative studies using international languages.

All articles published in this Journal are processed under the blind peer review of the editorial board. The board and reviewers are legal scholars with special expertise according to the main focus of this Journal. The peer-review process and decision on publication of the manuscript will usually be completed within three months from the day of submission of the paper. All submissions must be made online here, with reference to the author guidelines which can be found here.


This journal is published 6 times a year in January, March, May, July, September, November. All Journal content is freely available without charge to users or institutions. Authors and readers are allowed to read, download, print, search, or link to the full text of articles in this Journal. All published articles can be accessed online for free. All questions regarding submission of manuscripts, journal policies and other relevant information regarding the Journal can be sent via email to penajayapers@gmail.com.